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Andrea Palladio帕拉第奧-建筑三種心理美德:寧靜,和諧,高尚。Calm,Harmony,Dignity
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?Because it is the proportions,and not the decoration,that make it harmonious.This meant that an equally beautiful building could be produced more cheaply,because the same proportions are beautiful,irrespective of whether the building is made of marble,brick,concrete,or wood.
?Room should have a simple, geometrical shape,the length should be 3/5 of the width,and the height 3/5 of the width.
A fine building ought to appear as an entire and perfect body,Where in every member agrees with its fellow,and each so well with the whole,that it may seem absolutely necessary.The design of a window is related to that of the door.Every opening is aligned with every other,every room is a clear,simple shape.The doors always line up.The building crdates an environment in which we are provided with a limited,but real,secse of everything important coming together.